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not your average pallet company

a different kind of pallet

Made entirely of CornBoard™, a sustainable wood-replacement using leftover corn stover. The durability of CornBoard™ allows for repair and reuse an exponential number of times without losing integrity or quality. Engineered to be better for the world. 

doing well by doing good

A true cradle-to-cradle process, beginning in the earth, returning to the earth, and helping the environment along the way. Consider CornBoard™ in terms of the three pillars of sustainability: Protecting the Environment, Economic Progress, and Social Development.


lease program

Any parts that are no longer useable can be reintroduced into the manufacturing process by breaking the material down and reintegrating the fiber back into new CornBoard™. 

Our cradle to cradle process guarantees that no part of the pallet ends up in a landfill.

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